welcome to my journey

Good Morning everyone and happy Daytona Day!!

I am so pumped up for today and the Daytona 500. While it makes me sad that this is the first time in three years I haven’t been there for work, I am looking forward to watching it at home like a fan. I may even just crack a beer, because #NASCAR, duh!

I am also happy to start this blog encompassing what makes me grateful in life. It has been a long time coming, as well as a process for me to learn how to change myself for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty to learn and plenty to accomplish in the days and years to come, but I think I am well on my way of being the best version of myself.

Hanging out with a fan prior to a race in 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

I will also say it took a lot for me to feel confident enough to put myself out there in this way, I usually like to keep to myself.

I have decided to start this blog to share a little bit about my lifestyle and how some small changes have made a big impact in my overall well-being. As I said I am still learning, but I love the way I feel each day and I think it’s important that I share that. Hopefully through this I can help others learn to love themselves a little more too!

I guess I should give you some background for starters. My name is Madison, but most people tend to call me Maddy (or Maddawg in the case of one of my best friends). I am a newly engaged 26-year-old who lives right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

I grew up in a small town in Maryland, called Cumberland. It was a great place to grow up and I love visiting home, even if it is a completely different world from my life these days! I have always been super active in nature. I grew up playing every sport in the book until I really excelled at golf and then started running in college. I didn’t run for a team or anything, I just enjoyed it because it made me feel healthy and helped to clear my mind.

For me, I always thought I was, “Fit,” despite actually being rather unfit. I always thought that running for an hour was a hard workout and that I could eat whatever I wanted because I ran. I never cared about weights, I never cared about high intensity workouts and I never cared about food – aside from shoving it in my mouth and loving it.

Photo from modeling, 2013.

All throughout college I tended to yo-yo with my self-image and how I felt about myself. Often times I would look in the mirror and not necessarily like what I saw even though I have always been considered a, “Skinny,” girl. It wasn’t the brightest of times and no one should settle for feeling like that – you control you, so make yourself happy!

At 24, when I met my now fiance, I weighed my heaviest. While I could run three miles in under 25 minutes, it seemed pretty unacceptable to be able to grab a couple of inches worth of fat around my waist with very little muscle mass. I was a compilation of skin and fat with vague leg muscle. Turns out for me, the more beer I drank and junk I ate the more weight I retained – which sucked, I freaking love beer. I mean in my perfect world I could have a beer every evening – but it doesn’t work like that. Hat’s off to you if you can do that and still feel great, but it just doesn’t work for me. And you know what made me hate beer? My stomach.

Anyway – I met my fiance and he brings out the best in me, or maybe me scarfing down a cheeseburger, fries and beer while he ate grilled chicken tenders and a salad brought out the best in me. I guess I shouldn’t complain, I still to this day laugh about those first few dates and my IDGAF attitude with eating back then…

Two years ago I started really pairing down what I ate. It seemed having a healthy boyfriend and thinking about my image it made it easier for me to make smart decisions. I started to want to be better for myself, and for him. I began to make small changes in my diet and over time, a lot of it, I started seeing big changes. When I say over time, it really did take time because nothing worth having comes quickly… a first hand lesson I’ve learned.

Photograph after interviewing Gerard Butler, the 2016 Honrary Starter for the Daytona 500.

Suddenly my life was all about getting grilled instead of fried, getting sweet potatoes instead of regular ones, and drinking vodka or wine instead of beer. Overall, I would say the beer part was the hardest – we have so many good local breweries in Charlotte! And don’t get me wrong, I still have and love beer, but I am very particular about it. I mean how can I possibly hate beer when I met my fiance at a run club where everyone drinks beer after running?

It sounds silly, but small changes led to big numbers. In roughly a year I lost about 10 lbs – by just cleaning up my eating and drinking habits. Then, I started adding weights to my workouts. I would run for 45 minutes and then add five rounds of 10 squats in there with a 30 lb bar. I saw my legs change and I started to gain a self-confidence I had never known.

Sidebar: I apologize if I have put you into a deep sleep while reading this.

The moral of the story is that in two years this, “Skinny Fat,” girl lost roughly 15 lbs! Woot, woot!

Although some may say I didn’t need to lose it, I say I feel better physically and mentally then I did when I was 16/17-years-old. I am stronger than ever, I have muscle I didn’t know existed and I feel amazing. I believe there is something to be said about naturally waking up at 5AM everyday and feeling like you could run a marathon – I had never had that type of energy before.

Photograph and jumpsuit from ShopMurph.com. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now, I am on the journey of getting better everyday and learning as much as I can about myself. As a significant other, as a someday mother and just overall for my own body, I want to be the best version of myself. I want to try to help others, and learn from those who are improving themselves too.

So I have started this blog because I want to take you along with me, each day, to help myself and yourself be more accountable for how we fuel and work our bodies. I am not a nutritionist or a scientist, but I have learned what works for me and I hope that maybe that can help someone too.

Through this blog I want to share what I am eating on the regular, how I am working out and even what current crap is going on in my life. I may even blog about shows I am watching, places I am going, people who are BA in life and whatever else comes to mind.

I hope if your curious you’ll stick around, you never know whats in store.



  1. Kenji Jones

    Hey Maddy! I miss you at the track, but I’m so happy that you’re happy and wish you the best in your future! It’ll be be fun riding along with you on your new journey!


  2. Ron Nikolai

    Good morning Maddy and happy Daytona Day!! Your class and style are already missed in Victory Lane. Your infectious smile always made us feel better. Now…I see we get to watch glorified strippers down there. Oh well, do good things, be kind to others, and always stay humble. God bless.


  3. Jodi

    Love your blog Maddy!! I know the courage and strength it took to step out and share your life, struggles, goals and successes with the world. Love you!


  4. Mindy

    I’m a skinny fat girl! I know exactly what you are talking about! Im going to follow along and try to get my butt in gear! Thanks so much Maddy! I’m so grateful for you! God Bless, Mindy P~


  5. Gail Elseroad

    Thanks so much for putting your thoughts and feelings out there. There are so many young girls, especially, who are struggling with their self image. This will be a great resource for them. Best wishes on this new chapter of your life!

    Gail (A long-time friend of your mom)


  6. Gail Tome Brenner

    So happy to see and read your insightful blog. We all have a journey to take through this life we have and it is commendable that you are willing to share yours. My husband and I met you in Cumberland this past weekend and I was thrilled to see your blog. Good luck. I’ll be reading and sharing as well.


  7. Peter

    Nice read, Madison. We’re all seeing a different side of you and thats exciting. Your sparkle at the race track is already missed. Can’t wait for what’s next from you. 😀


  8. Jon & Kathy

    Madison, Kathy and I will always love you and fondly remember Oakmont with you. Fifteen lbs? Where were you hiding it? Careful. Don’t lose any more weight or you’ll windup with one strip in your pajamas.


  9. trottscull

    Thank you for sharing with us. Sour Patch kids will never count against you EVER! Honestly I must say that event in KC was one of the most memorable events in my 15 years at Sprint. I am truly blessed. However it was kind of disappointing not seeing the MSC team yesterday and seeing the Monster Energy Girls out there. Nice to know that behind the amazing looks of the MSC’s over the years ya’ll got to share your intelligence, personalities and passion for the sport. I hope you got the cards I sent to the office 🙂


  10. Marky Leon Beatty

    Hi Madison Martin this is Marky Leon Beatty I met you 4 time before races in March spring races in 2015. In fall races in November 2015. I miss you at PIR races this year in 2017. I hope you see me again soon in person in 2017. You and Juliana White come back to PIR races again. You and Juliana White will always former Miss Sprit Cup and always be part of family of the NASCAR Love Marky Leon Beatty


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