march music


We have officially made it to that amazing day in the middle of the week and it’s the start of a new month – you go Wednesday, you go!

Wednesday is a great reminder that it took me (only) two days to get caught up on this week’s episode of The Bachelor. Yes, I am sadly one of those people who just loves this terrible form of television, and this season it has been exceedingly bad. Hence why it took me two whole days to get through the hour-long episode from Monday night.

Can we just have a moment of silence for Nick’s turtleneck?!

I still wonder each week who picks out his clothes? I am starting to think he does because they match his strange personality…or perhaps the producers do it and he approves of them picking out turtlenecks and swim trunks that are hideous. It does make for some good television!

Maybe we should also have a moment of silence for the poor girls on the show too, because they have to date Nick! The girls seem so normal and sweet for the most part; however, I don’t know why you’d say some of the things that they say each week.

Just for an example, sweet Raven, why are you talking about your sex life?! I wanted to cover my ears and eyes during the show this week – oh bless it! SO AWKWARD, gross and awkward – that sums up my thoughts on that. If you don’t watch the show, you just missed this girl giving us the dirty details of her intimate life and what it has been lacking.

I guess maybe she forgot there were cameras and a couple million people eventually watching, or maybe she just doesn’t care?!

Anyways, back to what this post is actually about.


Today, I wanted to share a collection of songs that I like to jam out to while I pretend I am in beast-mode. I find that music is such a great tool for me to go further and harder, and I always need the right songs to do it.

To the people who can work out without music – well you go Glen Coco.

I personally giggle every time I have tried, especially when my fiance is yelling at me to keep going – I am the worst!! The worst at being serious, that is. If you don’t believe me, you should see our engagement photos. I swear I am laughing in 9/10 of them and then in the photos where I am serious I look like I caught a couple of breaths of a fart.

So this music – I hope some of these tracks can power your through those overhead presses, sprints and weighted lunges. Whatever your workout is, maybe it’ll give you some spark or maybe you can just jam out to them in the car because that’s always fun too.

I use Spotify for my streaming service of choice because they have so many different options for music. If you’ve never heard of it, I would definitely check it out! It’s really user-friendly and you can download your music, which is great if you like turning your phone on airplane mode like I do sometimes.

Oh and if you decide to get Spotify, you can find me and we can share music!


Doing something today is always better than saying you will do it tomorrow, so get after it people!

My March Playlist

  1. Water Under the Bridge – Adele
  2. Oceans Away – A R I Z O N A
  3. Just Hold On – Steve Aoki
  4. Believer – Imagine Dragons
  5. Say It (Illenium Remix) – Flume
  6. Body Like A Backroad – Sam Hunt
  7. I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd
  8. Take It All Back 2.0 – Judah & the Lion
  9. Good Grief – Bastille
  10. Icarus (Black Caviar Remix) – R3hab
  11. Surprise Yourself (GRYFFIN x Manila Killa Remix) – Jack Garratt
  12. Millionaire (feat. Nellyy) – Cash Cash
  13. Broccoli (feat. Lil Yachty) – D.R.A.M. 
  14. Sail – AWOLNATION
  15. Still Here – Drake 

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