podcast: fat burning man with shaun t

Hey guys! It’s Sunday – holla! That means another race is about to go down this afternoon.

I am really getting used to this whole being at home thing. I mean, today I have already gone to the gym, to the store and listened to a podcast. So I’d say it’s been a pretty productive Sunday so far.

Next up – I will be working on teaching myself calligraphy while I watch some NASCAR(s). I went to the store and bought one of the caligraphy pens to test it out, but I am fearful it may be a failure. However, I want to make an attempt because I like doing things on my own and it is way cheaper to write your own dang enevelopes – ya feel me?

I am all about that frugal life over here…unless I am buying clothes or getting coffee. I swear I spend too much money on coffee, but coffee is life and life is coffee.

At least with the caligraphy stuff I can give myself an A for effort later if it all turns out terrible. We shall see…

I will say, while in my heart I miss the track and my other half, I do enjoy having the freedom to get sh%t done with zero distractions – like teaching myself random stuff. Plus, it was pretty awesome to go to the gym today and find out I am strong enough to do a whole three strict pull-ups. I know that may sound lame, but to this girl who has never had upper body strength it was kind of big deal.

ANYWAY GUYS. I said I listened to a podcast this morning because I did and, well, they’re great.

I love podcasts. With simply listening, you can learn so much about life and other people. That’s why I think podcasts are magical. I try, everyday, to talk less and listen more, so I enjoy podcasts because they let me practice my listening skills and, heaven knows, I need that sometimes…ha!

I also really love that they are 1) free 2) fun 3) limitless  and 4) replace music with useful content. Podcasts come in handy when I find myself on long drives, doing random tasks around the house and even just when I have the itch to learn or hear something new. Sometimes it is great to turn on a podcast instead of listening to whatever that stuff is we call music these days…

The range of podcasts that I listen to is extensive, but this week I listened to one episode of one of my favorite ones and I felt the urge to share it!


I love Fat Burning Man by Abel James! I also love Paleomg, because I think she is my soul sister and I am obsessed with her IDGAF attitude, but I can talk about how cool she is another day.

However, Fat Burning Man is what I wanted to tell you all about! This podcast by Abel James is a great podcast if you’re interested in getting in touch with your health and learning about a variety of things. James interviews doctors, fitness models, trainers and more. On the show they discuss diets, having fun and drinking alcohol, sex and even why you might not be sleeping the best. I mean, literally anything you can think of they’ve probably talked about it.

Again, podcasts are magical.

I really enjoyed the episode about drinking because it turns out, despite James’ physique, he too has maybe had a bad night or two with alcohol in downtown Nashville. I guess it gets the best of us – damn you country rock capital of the world!

For the ladies out there – James has an amazing voice, kind of like the voice of Hercules is how I imagine it, so it makes the podcast really enjoyable to listen to.

Anyway! Today I turned on James’ podcast and tuned into an episode in which he speaks with Shaun T. If you don’t know who Shaun T. is, well, he is that guy that created Hip Hop Abs and numerous other at-home workout programs. Hip Hop Abs is something that resonates with me because I remember being in high school when the workout program was first released and my English teacher, who was awesome, telling us she bought it. It was absolutely hilarious, but also a slightly awkward mental picture – and I am sure all of my former classmates share those same emotions about Miss. Brown saying she did Hip Hop Abs at home.

Somethings should just be left unsaid, right?

After listening to the podcast today, I have a newfound respect for Shaun T. There were some really good mental notes throughout this episode of the show about how to improve upon oneself.

First off, he talks about how he never judges anyone because you never know what someone else’s life is like or what they are going through/accomplishing. He brought up such a great point of how, in society, we are all so critical nowadays. Just for example, if you see someone overweight, why assume that they aren’t working to improve? You just never know someones circumstances, so judgement should always be left out.

A good life lesson right?

Second, he talks about how just adding one movement a day and sticking to it everyday can make a change in your life. Isn’t that a solid concept? Just doing one thing differently a day can change you over the course of the year. I loved that! It’s so true!


Third, and finally, Shaun T.  is motivational as hell! I mean I listened and now I want to go attempt double-under’s in the garage again. Recently, at our house, we invested in a jump rope and I remembered as a kid how awesome I was at jumping rope. Well it turns out, when you become a full fledged adult, jumping rope is hard AF. Jumping rope also makes me feel quite out of shape, so there’s that.

I thought it was also cute that, in the podcast, they talked about hugs and how Shaun T. finds making human connections extremely important. He goes on about how he believes that the human touch is a great way to show reassurance and compassion. Talk about a guy with a big heart and no fear of germs! You go Shaun T., teach me your ways.

(I only say that because I am really weird about people in my bubble or space).

The moral of the story today is, podcasts are awesome and if you have never listened to one I totally reccomend it. They have them on numerous subjects – so it doesn’t have to be health and fitness related, but I will say that Fat Burning Man is one of the best!

Clearly my love affair with podcasts is very real, and I think you should give them a listen too! 🙂



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