practicing paleo

We did it guys, we made it to Friday!

What a great week it’s been! This week I accomplished a lot around the house and I crushed some workouts – one of which I missed the box during the box jump and fell face-first to the ground, but it’s ok. Life is all about the effort right? Even if I now I have big a$$ bruise on my ankle/leg.

This week has also been the because Bravo announced that Southern Charm is returning in April! No one completely understands how happy this news makes my heart – except for my fiance (he secretly loves the show too).

I say he “secretly” does because, often times, he falls asleep when I watch my trash TV shows, but with Southern Charm he actually watches and asks when they’re going to be back on TV.

Southern Charm is the best of all reality television in my opinion.

You see, the show takes place down in Charleston, South Carolina, which is about three hours from Charlotte. I just love Charleston! It is so beautiful and so, so very southern. Every time I watch the show, I think about how I want to make more trips to Charleston, and how I want to meet/track down certain people in the show and attempt to have a drink with them. Especially Shep and Cameron, because they are the only two that have their s&*t together, but still seem like a fun pair to party with.

Anyway – the show follows the seven, or so, individuals around Charleston and their daily happenings. You know, the normal stuff – parties, dinners and polo matches…

There is no lack of drama in that town, and man – is it fun to watch! Those people make me feel like I have my life fully together, haha! Sometimes, when I watch the show, I contemplate how you can get so much done in life if you are drunk for 98% of it. However, the people on the show prove me wrong each episode – it is pretty phenomenal!

If you’re curious about Southern Charm, you can watch a sneak peek of season 4 right here.

Well, I hope everyone has had a great week! Here in Charlotte it is finally starting to feel like Spring, which makes me so happy – especially since I have been working so hard on myself this year.

This “New Year,” I decided to take on a new lifestyle when it came to my eating habits. On January 1st I started practicing Paleo! Some may think of Paleo as a diet, but I think of it as a way to be more educated about what I am consuming on a regular basis.

If you don’t know what Paleo is, it is a way of eating based on how early humans would have eaten. Basically – you don’t eat processed s&*t, you don’t eat dairy and you don’t eat grains (in other words you’re gluten-free).

So what do I eat?

I want to get more into detail in the future about what exactly I eat day-in and day-out, but in my lifestyle I eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruits! I’d say with this lifestyle I am about 80/20, where 80% of the time I am great and that 20% is for the one day a week I maybe have a smidge of cheese on gluten-free pizza or something to that extent. I also say 80/20 because I like to have a Jam Session or two if we cook bunless burgers at home on the grill.

Paleo, for me, has been amazing!

I haven’t lost weight (I don’t need to), but I have seen a tremendous improvement in my muscle structure and my  overall physical being. I wake up super energized and feel much stronger than I ever did before. Plus it has helped me notice certain foods that really disagree with my stomach.

For example, I can’t really stomach apples anymore! Totally random, but after I eat an apple I feel really sick. I have also noticed that when I eat cheese, or something that isn’t gluten-free, I wind up feeling exceedingly bloated and sluggish the next day.

I think practicing a Paleo lifestyle has been a really great thing for me.

It’s helped me start to make better decisions, each day, about what I am eating. Most importantly, starting this new food journey has really helped me make better decisions when I am out to eat – I feel more educated about my food. I find I go to a restaurant now and I think, “Oh, that’s not good. Yikes,” a lot of the time.

Plus with a Paleo lifestyle you can still eat BACON. Yes, I love bacon! Who doesn’t?!

I think Paleo might sound scary to some, because cutting dairy and gluten is definitely a major change. Honestly, Paleo wasn’t a walk in the park the first week or two for me either! I had to stop eating my typical breakfast of oats and peanut butter because they aren’t Paleo – and it made me really sad for a while.

Then, after a week or two it was like I never cared for oats and peanut butter in the first place! Now I grub down on eggs and homemade almond butter – which is Paleo and still delicious.

I freaking love Paleo because I have come to find that I can be an obsessive eater – where I think of everything I can’t have or whats bad for me. I have noticed before that I get obsessed with counting calories and weighing myself, which causes me to splurge and eat half the house after depriving myself. Whereas with Paleo, yes there are foods I don’t eat, but overall there is a substitute for everything that is missing. I am fully satisfied all of the time, I don’t have to count anything and I don’t weigh myself.

For an example of how there is a substitute for foods – for flour I use coconut flour (which is gluten free)! When I want sweets and am craving something unhealthy, I make gluten free brownies or muffins. Sometimes I even buy dairy-free ice cream in a moment of weakness.

We truly live in this amazing time when there are so many options for us thanks to the advancement and freedom of our culture. It’s truly the best time to take the time to invest in your health and maybe spend a little bit more at the grocery store to stay healthy!

Plus I find it incredible some of the options that are out there!

The closest store to our house is Wal-Mart, so I tend to try to find as much as I can there. Believe it or not they have a small section in Wal-Mart of gluten free and Paleo meals! Aside from Wal-Mart, for stuff I can’t find there, I tend to go to Whole Foods or Amazon. So you see, it’s really not that hard after you break the barrier of saying no to regular milk and saying yes to almond milk/coconut milk!

Here is a picture of two of the items I have purchased from Wal-Mart’s Paleo section – along with some flowers I got for two bucks, haha!


The world truly is our oyster these days!

If you want to learn more about Paleo, you can read a fun article about it here at Nerd FitnessThey use Lego’s to explain it and its pretty effing awesome.

Now that I have told you all about my lifestyle choices when it comes to food, I am going to get geared up and get some s&*t done! If you are interested in Paleo, shoot me a message or comment on this post – I would be happy to talk about it more!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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