chocolate for the win

Woohoooo it’s the weekend!

I honestly can’t get over how fast this week went, but I am super happy about it because it means I am one week closer to being reunited with my fiance! He’s been on the West Coast for the past two weeks, and when he gets home, I will be in Tampa, FL – so you could say we aren’t going to see each other for a while.

I always miss him so much when he is gone, but at the same time there is something so freeing about being able to watch as many chick flicks as I want without judgement. Don’t get me wrong, my fiance is amazing and would watch them with me, but I like not having to make him do that.

Although, I will say, I have been a little lost this week now that the Bachelor is over. I mean, I think that this season was absolutely terrible, but I still miss it when it isn’t on TV! I guess now I will just have to settle for Dancing with the Stars – which has some great contenders this season, including Bachelor Nick.

So far Nick’s pick at the end of the Bachelor, Vanessa, has stuck around – we will see how long that lasts. I feel like it has to be a bit awkward to hear about Nick and Raven having a magical night together, but maybe she doesn’t care!

Aside from the bad reality TV, I have started to read some new books that I will have to write about soon – so stay tuned! I love books, but sometimes it’s hard for me to detach myself from everything I need to do around the house and just read. However, with a lot of trips coming up I should have ample time to read because there is never anything to do at a hotel that doesn’t require spending unnecessary money.

I’ve got to save my money for the most important thing at the wedding…alcohol!

Anyway, when my fiance is gone I get a lot of time to try out new recipes – which is always fun!


Recently I decided to invest in a protein supplement to take as a snack, post-workouts. I cannot say enough about how delicious it is and how pure it is!

The protein brand is PureWOD, and all of the ingredients are as natural as can be – versus the typical supplement that is full of junk you can’t pronounce. There are NO chemicals and NO fillers in this brand of protein, and its the only one on the market like that!

Here is a link to the PureWOD website, if you’re curious.

I can honestly say I never thought I would want to buy a protein supplement; however, I think having it versus a snack bar filled with dates and other natural sweets is probably a good idea.

I have a tendency to crave sweet stuff, sadly. I am sure I have a slight sugar addiction, as we all do, but that’s part of the reason I am raving about this PureWOD!


So the pureWOD only comes in one flavor at this time, chocolate, and man-oh-man is it a party. I have started this habit of taking the scoop of PureWOD and mixing it with two cups of almond milk and some ice. Then I blend it all up and it tastes like ice cream! Anyway, who doesn’t love chocolate? I think this is a good way to skip the desserts and, instead, have a protein packed imitation dessert!

I use the Breville Immersion Blender these days. I bought it right after I tried bulletproof coffee because it made my life much easier. See, I still had the original $30 blender I got after college – not the best for making coffee. This blender is $89 on Amazon and comes with four different attachments: the normal head for blending, a chopper, a big jug for blending whatever your heart desires and a whipping tool.


If you’re looking for a great blender and a great protein supplement, I would say go for these because they are totally worth the money.

Now I am off to pack for a two-week work trip! Honestly, as a female, trying to collect clothing for two weeks in one individual bag is extremely difficult. I miss the days of having a fire-suit that I just wore everyday, it was a lot less complicated and thought-provoking.

Oh well I will make it through! HAHA.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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