snacks for travel

Well the day is here!

It’s officially my first day of traveling for two weeks! If you read my other post, bulletproof coffee, then you got some insight into how I feel about air-travel. It’s truly a love/hate relationship.

I mean, there is always something so fun about getting on a plane and knowing how quickly you can be somewhere else! However, the whole process of getting to the airport, dealing with your luggage and getting through security always stresses me the eff out. Plus, after you do all of that, you have to figure out what you want to eat!

Did I mention yet how expensive everything is in the airport?!

I love food, so a trip to the airport can go from a $4 Americano at Starbucks to $20 in snacks in a hurry – not to mention that sometimes the airport really lacks in the health department! I will give the Charlotte Airport some credit though, because they have been selling EPIC Bars for quite some time now (they’re just even more expensive than the usual).


If you have never heard of EPIC Bar you should check them out. The company is owned by Taylor Collins and his wife, Katie, who were, ironically, vegans when they founded the company around 2012-13. Katie was having some health issues and the couple had to start eating meat again. Interestingly enough, they noticed their customers kept asking why it was so difficult to find a protein bar that was low sugar, high-protein and not made of powders and syrups – which gave Taylor the idea of a meat-based protein bar.

In short, EPIC Bars come in so many wild flavors of meat, from Bison Bacon Cranberry to a Smoked Salmon Maple! However, I will say that my favorite is Chicken Sriracha because it packs a punch.

EPIC has even grown so much that General Mills purchased the brand for $100M in January last year, which is kind of strange to think about due to the nature of products that GM sells. But good for them for getting behind a rapidly growing health industry, right?


Since I kind of complained about how expensive airport food is, because it is, I wanted to give you all some insight to what I am packing to:

  1. Keep me satisfied while at the airport.
  2. Keep me on track during the two weeks away from home.
  3. Save some of that precious money. (Because let’s be honest I would rather spend it on a new pair of Vans or something of that nature than on an expensive protein bar).

So first off, I am obviously packing EPIC Bars. They are so delicious and avoid that nasty sugar – so they’re going in the bag! I like the chicken flavors, but I am a chicken fanatic so it’s really no surprise that I pick that flavor! (I used a random photo of the chicken kind because I need to pick some up on my way to the airport.)

Next up, my favorite Maple Sea Salt RXBAR. Guys, these will change your life because they’re like a maple pancake candy-bar protein-bar. I am obsessed with these! So much so, that I think it upsets my fiance that I bought them while he has been out-of-town and they’re almost all gone.

RXBAR’s come in a multitude of flavors and I totally recommend checking them out, like I do everything I share.

I personally like to get them and a lot of products, in bulk, off of Amazon Prime’s Subscribe and Save, so they’re a little cheaper than getting them from the store. They’re about $24/25 for a pack of 12.


A brand of bars similar to RXBAR’s that are a little more on the affordable side, that I also love, are Larabars. I’ve come to find that most stores sell these now, including Walmart, but they’re typically the cheapest on Amazon. Typically you can get a pack of 16 bars for roughly $15, which isn’t bad if you ask me!

Similar to the RXBAR, they’re made from whole ingredients and they’re delicious. With these bars you just have to be selective of how many you consume in day, since they’re made primarily with dates they pack a lot of sugar!

Finally, I will be taking almonds with me. I seriously LOVE almonds and they’re super easy to pack and store. Again, I am obsessed with Amazon Prime so I get my almonds in bulk on there – they’re super cheap and ship foooo freeeee.


I think it is so important when traveling to have a pack of stuff to eat that’s healthy and affordable. Paying for food in the airport can get really expensive,really fast. These options are a great way to warn off your hunger until you get somewhere that has better options, as well as pricing!

I am off to the airport now for a midday flight that will, hopefully, land soon enough that I can get to my hotel and watch today’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race – my fiances team is start P1!

It’s kind of like a big deal…

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