friday feature: Ashley Parlett

Good Morning Bloggers and happy Friday!

Today I am launching a new aspect of my blog and I am so, so very excited about it! Welcome to the first Friday feature, where I will be showcasing amazing individuals who get-after-it!

This first feature is on someone who I think is super inspiring (plus she is a fellow Marylander)  – Ashley Parlett.

Parlett is a full-time Mechanic for Chip Ganassi Racing and has been working on racecars for 13 years! She’s been featured on FS1 and various other media outlets for her skills and passion when it comes to racing.

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I promised him a run..he waits.

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She is also incredibly fit and a fellow blogger!

So I am so excited to be featuring Parlett, also referred to as AP, on here. I hope you enjoy learning more about her as much as I did!


What is the hardest part of your job?

Staying focused on the task at hand. There are so many things to be done when building a race car that it can get a little distracting and things can get missed. I’ve finally got myself in a step-by-step routine to help me stay on track and not miss anything along the way.

If you had to breakdown your average day, what would you say it’s like?

My average day is wide open! Between my work outs and getting through the many curve balls that come a long with building a race car. It’s just a hectic mess but honestly I’ll take it over a slow-paced routine any day!

What’s your go-to workout during the week?

I spend a lot of time on my bike. Cycling is a great cardio exercise with very low impact. I have a torn meniscus in my right knee that flares up after too much running so cycling is my go-to for all around fitness.

How do you stay on your fitness grind when you’re on the road/traveling?

This is where running and body weight exercises are so important. When I was traveling last summer in France or the year prior to 30+ Cup races I’d often go get a few brisk miles and then come back to my room and spend time in all body weight training exercises. Various Planks, push ups, squats and a lot of yoga.

What’s your favorite workout?

My favorite is swimming. Like I mentioned before my mind is like a ping-pong ball and swimming long monotonous laps helps streamline my focus and calm my mind.

Do you have a go-to workout song, and if so, what is it?

For a very long time music was a must for me when I worked out. I enjoy Metallica or Billy Joel depending on the day! But when I started training for triathlons I was logging a lot of time in the pool where you are forced to be alone with your thoughts. I have now gotten accustomed to listening to my breathing and I never listen to music when I’m training anymore.

I know you’re very into cycling now. What got you started on that?

I was greatly influenced by my coworkers, who cycle, to get a bike. Since I’m competitive and I found that I am fairly quick on the bike, that’s when the obsession began.

Why are you so passionate about fitness?

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and while I believe that to be true I also believe it takes 21 days to feel the benefits of fitness. Before I started working out daily, I was always tired and aggravated, at everything. Fitness changed me. I’m a happy person because of fitness.

If you have a gym pet peeve, what is it?

Dirty equipment. I really appreciate a nice, crisp bleach smell in the gym.

What’s your favorite part of your career?

The competition. Building racecars and watching our drivers go to war with them.

If you get off of your game for a day, what’s your splurge meal?

Pizza. The answer is always pizza.

If you could give your 21-year-old self some advice, what would it be and why?

Stop trying so hard at everything. Fitting in, being successful, being in love, being funny – just be and trust that process. And most of all trust the Lord’s plan.

What would you deem your biggest accomplishment so far?

Finding fulfillment outside of working on racecars. Being a mechanic was my only identity for so long. I didn’t know who I was without being “Ashley the mechanic” to finally be at a place in my life where being a mechanic is my profession and not my identity is a huge accomplishment for me as an individual.

What’s one thing you would like to succeed at in the next year?

I’ve set myself a goal of winning the Women’s Cat 4 Time Trial Title at Charlotte Motor Speedway this summer. I hope to win that title but it’s gonna be a lot of work!


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.19.02 AM

If you want to learn more about Parlett and keep up with her daily happenings, visit her blog here.

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