Baby Fero, coming soon

Surprise, we’re expecting! 

This new’s came as a shock to us, but boy, are we excited.

For me, finding out I was pregnant was one of those life changing moments. I instantly felt different – like my entire life changed in a moment.

Yes, I am aware that when you have a child your entire life does change; however, I never thought how fast it would. Pregnancy is a lot to take on, especially after you start a new job, but I knew God would give us a plan to handle a child and that it was our time to be parents.

Our rescue-mix Stella, stole the show of our announcement photos. Photo by: Lindsey Elaine Photography

In 2019 I really wanted to develop consistent content and narrow down my focus for this blog. Given the circumstances, I figured what a time to focus on this lovely little thing called pregnancy that we girls go through!

I love Vans sneakers, so we thought it was only appropriate that our little one would have their first pair for our announcement shoot too! Photo by: Lindsey Elaine Photography

For me, 2019 is going to be the year of health, wellness and pregnancy on this blog. 

I am going to provide you, the reader, with insight and hyper-honest posts on how pregnancy is going and what I am doing to try to keep my 28-year-old body in the best shape possible while carrying this little one!

You can expect the raw truth from finding out I was going to be a mom, to weekly updates on different topics that all first-time mom’s wonder about and weekly workouts. 

Stella is going to be the best big sister! Photo by: Lindsey Elaine Photography

I promise to provide the honest feedback that I feel most of the internet shelters us girls from. You know, how the internet depicts things – eye roll.

I know you’re going to want to stick around, so lets plan to catch up next week when you can read about how exactly we found out we were pregnant! 

Baby Fero is coming August 2019!



One Comment

  1. Anne

    I love this and you! I’m soooo excited for you Madison. You are going to be the best mom. Many congratulations to this new adventure. It’s the best experience of your life.


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