working out during first trimester woes

Good morning world!

The first trimester woes are in full swing this morning, as I have woken up, yet again, before 6AM on a Saturday. As I rise, I feel the grumble in my stomach as I am hungry yet once again.

It never ceases to amaze me how every day of this pregnancy I wake up and am immediately starving. Pre-pregnancy, I was able to go several hours before being hungry and having the urge to eat. It’s unbelievable how hungry your body is, despite how much you decided to eat the evening prior.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about pregnancy cravings considering this morning (and the past few) I have gotten up and immediately headed to the kitchen for some Katz Gluten Free Donuts. I promise, if you have never had these donuts, then you are missing out because they are so, freaking, good.

After eating two of the Katz Gluten Free Glazed, I poured myself a small cup of Califia Farms iced coffee and plopped my butt down on the couch to tune into this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

I don’t know what it is about Vanderpump Rules I love so much, but man, I have to watch all of their new drama every week. I would definitely say that it is one of my biggest guilty pleasures in life, aside from those gluten free donuts. Since I have been pregnant and waking up super early on my own, Saturday mornings seem to be the best time to catch up on the Vanderpump gang. You see, like most men, my husband could care less if he gets caught up on what Lala and Stassi are up to this week. I however, love it – obviously.

After watching the hour-long fiasco that consisted of the guys talking about their girlfriends (or whatever they are) having previous relationships with girls, I contemplated working out. Instead of working out, here I am writing a blog where I want to tell you about how my workouts have been going in this first trimester.

At exactly 11 weeks and one day, I can tell you working out while pregnant is hard AF. 

Anytime I used to see a female workout during pregnancy I always just thought – good for her, that’s awesome. Pre-pregnancy, I never thought about how your body changes during pregnancy and what impact that has on your cardiovascular capabilities and more.

As soon as I hit five weeks, it was like I ran into a brick wall. 

Lifts were hard, cardio was harder and my usual dedication to the gym felt like it was diminishing. 

In the first trimester of pregnancy, most women really struggle with their energy levels. This has been more than the truth for my pregnancy so far, as I would fall asleep at 7:30PM every night and then be a slug getting out of my bed at my usual time of 4:30AM.

I would get to the gym in the morning and just want to lay down or potentially vomit. Luckily, those symptoms didn’t last forever, however, the workouts are still harder than they used to be.

One of the worst WODs (workout’s of the day) I experienced recently was a Saturday partner workout with a 100 calorie bike on an Assault Fitness bike. If you have never used one of these bikes, I highly recommend you change that. I also apologize in advance for the amazing pain it is going to bring you during your workout.

I personally love all cardio based machines, however, during this pregnancy I have grown to look at the bike like it’s my dog when she carries my favorite Van’s sneakers around the house in her mouth. 

During the 100 calorie bike, my partner and I decided to break the bike up in two sets of 15 calories and one set of 10 calories. What usually takes me a quick minute or less to bike felt like it took an eternity!

After each set of calories you would have thought I was dying, as I would dramatically fall off of the bike and lay sprawled out on the rubber gym floor.

Turns out for my pregnancy I seem to struggle with breathing effectively during workouts and have to slow myself down.

So what kind of workouts have I moved onto?

Well, for starters, I am beyond thankful for my Rogue barbell and plates, as well as my Concept 2 rower. Starting early 2018, my husband started buying me a different piece of equipment for each holiday. As our collection has built up, and I was able to get a few odds and ends from my amazing job, it made for a full gym in our garage.

Over the past few months of pregnancy, I still attend a 5:30AM Crossfit class most days. I also mix it up with Burn Boot Camp and my garage gym.

For workouts, overall, not much has changed aside from specific movements and my determination to absolutely kill myself. 

I make sure that during every workout that I can hold a conversation if I needed to, so that my heart rate stays down. I also focus on changing movements that might strain my stomach and, what used to be, abs. What does this mean? It means I don’t do sit-ups, GHDs and am weening off T2B (toes to bar).

When I am at home working out, I really enjoy rowing and squatting. 

From what I have heard, as well as what the doctor said, front squats may get more difficult overtime and may need removed. However, I am allowed to back squat all day – so you’d better bet I have been.

As I mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE my Concept 2 rower. I think that it was easily the best $900 my husband has ever spent on me (even better than my wedding ring, which wedding rings are highly overrated).

Prior to pregnancy, I would get on the rower during the weekends and watch an hour of TV and row or do interval rows. Now, I still enjoy rowing for an hour while pregnant, but I focus more on form and slow paced rows than pushing myself to the limit.

So far, pull ups haven’t been an issue and I hope they don’t come to be down the road – they are literally my favorite thing to do. 

Regardless, I have been happy to make the changes to my workouts to know that I am being safe for my baby. Plus, I still have plenty of life to get in shape!

If you’re expecting now, or plan to be in the future, try to get out there and move! No matter what you are doing, some type of exercise is good for you!

Until next time,



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