eating all the food, the first trimester diary

Food is something all of us are in a deep relationship with, but our commitment to it varies. Some of us indulge all the time with not a care in the world, while some of us monitor our food intake and try to do the best for our bodies. Regardless of how you like to eat, we all need food in our bodies.

For me, food has always been something that is at the top of my mind. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner I usually plan my entire day around what I get to eat.

Over the course of my life, so far, I have learned what works for my body and what doesn’t. In the past two to three years I started eating a clean and lean diet with limited sugar-loaded foods. For me, this made me feel good and look good. It gave me the self confidence and the strength to not worry about how I looked in comparison to other people.

My relationship with food is what made me want to write about the food cravings I have had in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Food has been such a learning curve for me since I became pregnant. I truly never realized how much my day-to-day eating would change once I was expecting. The stuggle has been oh, so, real.

Here is a legitimate breakdown of what has happened to me in the first trimester when it comes to eating, and why I shouldn’t feel bad about it.

The first four weeks of pregnancy…

I will tell you that during the first four weeks of pregnancy I didn’t notice many changes in terms of my food intake. I think I partially didn’t notice any weird eating habits in the beginning because I was unaware that I was pregnant and it was right around Christmas.  For me, every year, Christmas is kind of a shit-show in terms of food. I usually end up eating what I want and I don’t worry about it until after the holidays.

Looking back at the first four weeks of my pregnancy I noticed that I had quite a lot of cheese.

For some of you, you may wonder why the fact that I ate cheese would be weird. For me, I went nearly two years with hardly any dairy and I primarily would ALWAYS avoid cheese. Cheese is ultra processed and hard for my tummy to digest, so I typically steer clear.

Other than my new profound love for cheese, the only other thing I noticed was that I ate quite a lot more than I usually would. It was like I was hungry 24/7 (which is somewhat normal for me).

Going into weeks 4-8 of my pregnancy I noticed several changes to my appetite.

Right around four weeks I was immensely turned off to chicken. Fried chicken, grilled chicken and anything to do with chicken made me want to barf.

I went from being chicken’s number one supporter to not wanting anything to do with it. The subtle view of a chicken breast made me want to heave.

I started to crave every type of bread. I would want bagels, donuts, pasta and pizza for just about every meal.

If you’ve read this blog in the past or you just know me in general, then you know I went on a stint with Paleo for quite some time. If you aren’t familiar with Paleo, well, it means that I didn’t eat gluten.

For me, downing carbs was so odd and tasted so good. I would literally eat a whole bagel and want more or I’d eat two donuts and try to get a third. Just call me little miss piggy!

I found that all sweets tasted like heaven.

Instead of not caring about chocolate, I required at least a piece of it a day if not more. My body just wanted to intake stuff that tasted good and not the foods that I was used to, like dark chocolate. My body was like, “Hey please give me a Reeses!”

As I progressed into weeks 8-12, I started to really find out just how much my eating habits would change.

Instead of having three meals a day and a few snacks, I started eating four to six meals! I would start the day with a bagel and then crave a burger and fries for lunch – which is so out of the normal for me.

One day I drove to Five Guys and had a burger with fries and ate ALL of it. The next day I crushed a large portion of a deep dish pizza by myself. The list goes on and on.

What I have been learning during this pregnancy, is that your body craves what your body needs. Considering I strive to workout five days a week, I believe my body requires more carbohydrates and energy than it normally would. When you’re eating for two, you need to get more in than you exert out.

For me, I am enjoying being hungry all the time and eating foods that I normally wouldn’t. I figure this pregnancy may be one of the only times in my life I have to let fully loose and not worry about calories and my intake.

We have our whole life to be serious, strict and passionate about being our best version of ourselves when it comes to what we eat. So why not utilize pregnancy to live my best life? After all, I will have plenty of time to make it up in the future.

I also just want to mention how easy it is to forget how much you used to enjoy alcohol. During the first trimester, I really thought I would miss my casual nights of having a glass or two of wine.

I personally don’t even know why I ever drank alcohol at this point. It is poison to our bodies, makes it harder for us to stay in shape and makes you feel like shit.

Maybe it’s just me, but this momma is loving sobriety!

For the next six months, I look forward to eating my little heart out and watching my friends get drunk. #CHEERS!


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