your first appointment: expectations vs reality

Pregnancy is such an amazing thing that is complicated as can be.

From sickness, to your body changing and not knowing what to do – pregnancy is sure to rock your world. Whether it’s your first time expecting or your fifth, I am sure that you can agree being pregnant is both a miracle and debacle all at the same time.

On this fine morning, I woke up at 4:00 A.M. with my third-day of a head cold.

To say being sick and having a cold is a pain in the butt is an understatement. When you’re pregnant, you can’t take many medications. What does this mean? Well it means at night you generally are going to be pretty restless and blow your nose a lot. It means that you just have to power through it because you are a boss and you’re not a baby when you’re sick. You act tougher than your husband and you can get through it!

As for the purpose of today’s blog post, I am here to tell you about how the first appointment with your doctor goes compared to what we thought it would be like – expectations vs. reality. 

When you find out you’re expecting, the obvious thing you want to do is immediately call your doctor. You want to make an appointment, find out what is happening with your body and get the inside scoop on what changes you need to start to make to your diet.

When we found out we were expecting, we never imagined that our first doctor appointment wouldn’t be until we were eight weeks pregnant. 

This is our first expectation versus reality for the doctor – finding out that most doctors will wait to see you until you are eight weeks. Why? Well, I believe this is to ensure that you are pregnant and that your risk of miscarriage starts to dwindle. Is it possible to have a potential miscarriage after eight weeks? Yes, it is; however, the risk decreases after that threshold.

So, once we made our eight week appointment we waited!

When we reached eight weeks and our appointment was finally here, we decided that we’d both go (obviously) so we could see our baby and learn anything we may not know yet – which was practically everything. 

At the appointment, we had no idea that the first ultrasound was one that goes inside your body. Maybe this is something that not all doctors do, but mine did. If you want to talk about a hilarious moment, when the nurse told me I needed to strip down from the waist down, my husband’s face was priceless.

He even made the remark, “Gosh I am SO HAPPY I am a dude.”

Once the nurse started the ultrasound, we were both pretty blown away. 

It’s one thing when you pee on a stick that tells you you’re pregnant and another thing when you actually see the little baby growing in your uterus. When you see it, barely there with it’s little nubs at this point and it’s heartbeat – it makes everything so different.

Right on cue my husband chimed in that it was really one hell of a first date.

Following the ultrasound, we met with a midwife for this first appointment. Meeting with the midwife was awesome, even though we didn’t expect it.

The midwife walked us through four different brochures on genetic testing you can choose to do. There is the option to test and find out if your child will be susceptible to any genetic disorders, etc. My husband and I, being the people that we are, decided to forgo these tests because we will love whatever child God puts into our lives.

We were pretty surprised by the testing, but I am not sure what our actual expectations were at that point.

Beyond the testing, we went over my symptoms (sickness, lack of energy and mood swings) as well as my determination and desire to keep working out.

At this point, the appointment was more like we expected it to be. Do this not that, eat this not that and work on these things to keep yourself in the best shape for labor and delivery.

One perception I had that turned out to be false, was that I thought the midwife and doctors would tell me to dial back on working out. Instead, the result was quite the opposite, and I was told to avoid ab exercises and concentrate on not raising my heart rate to a level where it was difficult for me to hold a conversation.

At the end of the appointment, you schedule a follow up appointment for four weeks (one month) from the current appointment.

You leave the doctor’s office with a folder of information and four or five ultrasound photographs of your little baby.

When we left, we felt fulfilled and excited and it really sank in that we were expecting. We then looked forward to appointment number two and getting to see our little baby F develop and grow. 




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