baby announcement photos: yay or nay?

It’s another day and yet again I am having another intense debate with myself on what I want to eat. Eating at home during this pregnancy has been extremely tough, because I want nothing to do with any of the food in my house, unless it’s a salad kit (which I am currently out of).

Tomorrow is my grocery shopping day, and at this moment I really just want some baked ziti from the pasta place up the road. Plus that pasta place delivers, so what is more convenient than that?

Pregnancy = give me all the foods and all the cute things.

Speaking of cute things, today I want to discuss baby announcement photos and why I think they are a total yay! 


Once you find out you’re expecting, you struggle with when and how to tell people. In reality, there is no right or wrong way to tell all of your friends you are expecting; however, I am a huge fan of pregnancy announcement photos.

For my husband and me (mainly me), it was a no-brainer that we should tell the world that we are expecting through photographs. 

It turns out that since we adopted our rescue pit-hound mix Stella, that we have never taken the time to take family photos. We figured that spending the money on some quality family photos turned out the be a great way to also announce that our little family was growing.

I consulted our favorite photographer, Lindsey Forbes, also known as “Lindsey Elaine Photography,” about taking these photos and she was completely down! 

We had used Lindsey for our engagement photos and wedding photos, and both turned out unbelievably amazing, so it was a no-brainer to use her again to tell the world we were expecting. We decided to shoot on a Sunday afternoon at the same park where we shot our engagement photos, so the photos all had the same look.


Once we nailed down the details, I decided I was going to add some finishing touches that would really showcase our family and our Stella’s personality. 

If you’re an expecting mom, you should know that Amazon has literally everything your imagination could ever want for a pregnancy announcement photo. Which, I guess, could remain unsaid, since Amazon pretty much owns the universe.

When I conducted my search on Amazon Prime, I ended up with a small 8×11 chalkboard and an “Eating Tacos for Two” shirt for our photos. I also figured that during the shoot we should have some baby shoes, so naturally my husband and I decided we loved a pair of camouflage Vans sneakers for the photo(s).

Side note: we heard a lot of confusion about the shoes once we posted our photos, because they were camo! Turns out if you have camouflage shoes a lot of people may think you already know the sex – which wasn’t true for us. 


When we took the photos, it turns out I forgot our utlrasound picture. Regardless of my forgetful brain, our photos with Lindsey turned out amazing. 

If I could go back in time, I think I would forget the ultrasound again. I’ve noticed that 99% of the baby announcement photos you find on Instagram and Pinterest use the ultrasound photograph. While there is nothing wrong with that, I personally always try to attempt to be different in the things that I do. Although some could say our photos were still pretty routine.

The one idea that I had and really liked for our baby announcement photos, was for us to grab either Chipotle or Taco Bell and take photos with me eating it. I figured if I had a shirt that stated I was eating tacos, that I might as well be eating tacos. However, it turned out my husband didn’t like that plan. He generally is down to do whatever is going to be the fastest for him in photograph sessions, as he doesn’t really like having his picture taken.


If you’re planning on getting pregnant, I think you should definitely consider taking announcement photos when you want to tell the world that you are expecting. Photos are something you can always use and those photos may be the last photos you have of your family before it gains it’s newest member. Plus it is so fun to get dressed up and make new memories with your family.

Whatever you decide, I am sure your pregnancy announcement will be beautiful and one that all of your friends enjoy! 





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