getting sleep in the second trimester

It’s always fun to wake up at 4:52 A.M. on a Saturday morning when you have no reason to be up and about until 8:45 A.M. During the week, my normal alarm goes off at 4:30 A.M. and I guess my body gets conditioned to waking up at that early time by Saturday. However, I have found that during this new time in my life, my sleep quality has definitely diminished.

So what do I do when I wake up so early on Saturdays? Well, I get up and get dressed, jump in my car and head to Dunkin Donuts for a small iced-coffee with almond milk and a side of two blueberry donuts.

I know, my pregnancy is the definition of healthy – said no one ever.

In fact just yesterday, at lunch time, I had a deep craving for french fries. So what did I do? I jumped in my car and drove over to Five Guys because it is the best option for buying french fries next to McDonald’s.

I guess eating is my compromise for waking up so early.

During the start of my second trimester, I was beyond surprised to find out that my quality of sleep would change dramatically.

I didn’t notice it at first, but over the course of weeks 12-15 of my pregnancy, the quality of my sleep really started to digress. It was like a switch flipped and I suddenly had issues with sleeping and falling asleep.

The second trimester started out phenomenal. I found that, practically, as soon as I flipped over to 12 weeks pregnant, I suddenly had no more sickness and nausea. As soon as I hit week 12, I suddenly had all of this energy and life back and I felt like myself. The second trimester seemed heaven-sent after what I had experienced in the first.

I started to think, wow, this second trimester is going to be a breeze!

However, as the weeks went by and I got closer to 15 weeks I started to have issues with sleeping. Here are some of the various things that I experienced:

I found that I was no longer super exhausted at night.

This probably will sound bad, but I started to gain my energy back and feel like I used to when I would go a while without drinking. You know what I mean? Usually, pre-pregnancy, if I would go several days in a row without consuming an alcoholic beverage I would notice my energy levels increase dramatically. It was almost like if I didn’t drink, I had energy all day and into the night, making my attempts to go to bed at 8:30 P.M. much more difficult.

Well, during that first week of the second trimester, I started to notice that same energy hit me in the face. It was like as soon as I hit the second trimester I had all of this energy and didn’t want to go to sleep at night, especially if I had eaten something shortly before.

So what did I do?

I started trying to not eat any later that 7 P.M. and I really focused on ditching the social media, as well as my cell phone, early in the night. I would tune out from technology the minute I got home from work and I would try to get a bath and read part of a book. For a while this helped, but then I found other things that would keep me up in the middle of the night.

I found that I started to have this crazy urge to pee 3-4 times in the middle of the night.

Literally, as soon as my second trimester started it was like I had to pee all the time, including during the night. I have always had a small bladder, but man, I had no idea how sudden and early in my pregnancy I would feel the urge to pee a lot.

I started having to go to the bathroom 3-4 times a night, and boy does getting up to pee when you’re tired suck. I realized that there wasn’t really much I could do about this because even if I didn’t drink water right before bed, I would still have to go to the bathroom at some point in the middle of the night.

I found that getting comfortable was way harder than it used to be.

Typically, on a normal night, pre-pregnancy, I would be able to get comfortable really fast in bed. Well, that changed pretty quick for me during pregnancy and I found it challenging to find a comfortable way to lay in bed. I know that everyone recommends pregnancy pillows to sleep on during pregnancy, but so far I have just wedged a pillow behind my back and that seems to help.

I found that I started to have weird dreams and some paranoia.

I literally could wake up and remember what I was doing in my sleep. It was never anything scary or too memorable, but it would be a dream of being at work or a dream of having to go to the bathroom and it would wake me up. Once I was awake, I would sometimes realize that I was laying on my back and I would get freaked out.

You see, my doctor informed me not to sleep on my back during my second and third trimesters and I didn’t question her. Instead of questioning her, I decided to come home and Google why you shouldn’t sleep that way during pregnancy and found out that you can crush your organs stopping the blood flow to your heart. #COOL

If I woke up in the middle of the night and happened to be laying on my back, it would freak me out a little and I became a little paranoid of that.

A friend of mine told me not to stress over it though. She said that usually that isn’t a worry until your baby is bigger and you are in the third trimester, so luckily my paranoia there died down some.

Overall, sleeping is something that all the articles say you should get used to losing. I recently read an article that said most new parents run low on sleep until their child is six-years-old, so I guess I should just get used to not sleeping now.

Even though I was surprised by how difficult sleeping through the night was, I am still OK with it since at the end of all of this I will get to have a beautiful little baby. It’s the little things that keep you going right? Someday that baby will be big and I will get my sleep back.

Until then, I am happy that there are endless supplies of caffeine for me to drink after I give birth in August.


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