It’s a BOY!

Surprise! It’s a BOY!

To say my husband and I are pumped to have both a healthy baby and a baby boy is beyond words.

We recently had our 18-week appointment, and boy, does that appointment come with so many emotions. From getting to see every limb of your little one, to learning more about what to expect in the coming weeks and months that remain in your pregnancy – the 18-week visit is one for the books.

When we went into the appointment, I think we were both convinced that it was a baby girl. During our entire ultrasound, the baby just kept moving and moving around and we couldn’t stop watching it. Finally, towards the end of the ultrasound the technician told us – it’s a boy!

Immediately we were both taken a back, and then my husband made a comment about how it all made sense because the baby was moving around like he was angry – which made us laugh. Apparently, our baby boy takes after his father when it comes to a short attention span of someone invading his space – in this case the ultrasound tech.

During our 18-week visit, we also learned about a complication with my pregnancy – that I plan to write about at another time.

In the meantime, it’s time to start picking out clothes, names and more!



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