all the advice? how to digest it in the first few months of pregnancy

Today has been one of those lazy days off. It turns out most of my weekends seem to end up unproductive. Don’t get me wrong, today I made it to Aldi and Walmart, and also did a load of laundry; however, not much more has been accomplished. Around lunch time, I decided to park it on the couch and have a nice little Netflix binge session for the remainder of my day (or at least until I decide to get a bath and read my book).

The movie I decided to watch is Netflix’s Kissing Booth. Overall, it’s a cute film, however, I can almost hear my husband making fun of me all the way from the racetrack where he is this weekend. You see, he finds it funny I like to watch teenager movies – but whatever.

I was kind of surprised by how cute the movie was, even if it was about teenagers.

Speaking of the opinions of others, one of the hardest things that I have had to learn to digest in the early stages of pregnancy is the amount of advice people start trying to give you.

As if pregnancy in itself is not hard enough, it is as if everyone wants to tell you how to be the best pregnant woman you can be. While there is nothing wrong with some unsolicited advice, I believe there are positives and negatives to all of the suggestions that other people want to provide you with during pregnancy.

For example, when people tell you to eat whatever you want – is that really in your best interest?

Granted, I have been eating a little of whatever I want, including Chickfila for breakfast, but I have to say that I think the advice of “eat whatever you want” may just be one of those things that people say when they do not know what else to say to you. In reality, eating whatever you want probably isn’t the best for you if all you want is McDonalds’ french fries.

When you’re pregnant in your first trimester, you also get weird advice. I had a guy tell me to watch out for single guys at bars as I experience pregnancy. (He was somewhat joking). He said that single guys are attracted to pregnant women, and that I should watch out.

My reaction was something like, “I’ll Just forget I heard that…”

In the first trimester, I found that pregnancy advice was difficult to digest overall. During those first weeks of pregnancy, you are just trying to figure out all of the changes that are coming your way and what exactly is happening to your body. 

While people mean well, it is hard to take in all the unsolicited advice other parents try to give you in order to, “get you ready,” for your new family member.

I will say that I believe some advice is awesome! I personally have loved and enjoyed advice about what is worth the spending splurge and what is not.

I’ve had multiple moms tell me to not worry as much about the clothes, but to rather focus on diaper sales – which I think is very valid. I plan to share with you guys some of the items I have purchased so far during my pregnancy – next week!

In my mind, why should you spend a lot of money on clothes that your baby is only in for a few months? Yes, I may have to do multiple loads of laundry a week; however, from what I’ve heard, I am going to be awake enough to do that (even if I don’t have time to shower).

I love that my friends, who are moms, have also been willing to donate and hand down items that their babies wore. I think that is the most amazing thing and it is helping my husband and I save some money. In fact, my husband kind of laughs at me because regardless if the clothes are from a mom who had a boy, I would still put them on my baby even if we would have had a girl.

I personally think some of the clothes that are out there for girls these days are absolutely hideous. Although, I have never been a pink-loving girl so maybe that is why I find the baby girls section of various stores hideous. In terms of clothing I have never been traditional, so I am sure my children will probably follow suit and be a little unique in how they dress too.

As an expectant mother, I believe you have to take all advice with a grain of salt. This is your life and your experience, and no one can tell you how to be the best version of yourself for your child.

So carry on Momma, and do the best to digest and smile at all of that unsolicited advice everyone wants to give you, because in the grand scheme of things, they are just trying to help out.




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