second trimester food and changes

Good Morning Friends!

Can I start today’s blog post by just simply stating that I love Game of Thrones. I mean, my mom tried to get my husband and me to watch this show for probably three years and when we finally took the plunge into season one, over a bourbon – well, you could say we were hooked.

I have never before watched a show that combines a fantasy medieval world with zombie things, and I must say it is glorious.

If you have never watched Game of Thrones, then who are you and what exactly are you doing with your life? I mean, you should take the plunge and watch it – it’s worth it.

Anyway, today I wanted to tell you a little about the second trimester and how my food cravings have changed – plus some other stuff!

The second trimester as a whole has been really awesome, and sometimes I wonder if other women have felt the same way. I started to get my energy back as soon as I flipped over into this trimester and, surprisingly, my intense food cravings calmed down (for the most part).

This trimester hasn’t been too bad, aside from some mood swings and that belly pop that literally happened overnight. When I say overnight, I mean it, and I literally just woke up and was like oh wow, there he is!

I have really been amazed at how I have been able to get back to near my normal eating – with a few exceptions.

On the weekends, I still love to have a doughnut or two – I can’t help myself. However, I have progressed into making blueberry protein waffles (Kodiak Cakes) with peanut butter on top for breakfast. For lunch, it is usually a bit of a crap shoot, but I pull something together from the fridge for work or I end up getting takeout from Viva Chicken or Sabor Latin Grill. Then during dinner, my husband and I like to make a salad and grill some stuff – like steak and squash.

The killer of my second trimester cravings is my sweet tooth. Almost every night I want something sweet, so it is a challenge in the second trimester to not buy Reese’s or Snicker’s.

For me, trying to be savvy about sweets has always been a thing.

My close friends know that I have no problem downing 7 or more Reese cups in one sitting, so even pre-pregnancy I struggled with what to make to try to stay on-course with eating clean.

During the second trimester, I decided to start making homemade Reese cups! I use dark chocolate, peanut butter, blue agave and some coconut oil to make them, and I utilize a muffin tin to make them.

So far, so good – and I am excited to start feeling like myself again.

Outside of sweets, really I haven’t had any crazy cravings in this trimester and I am super happy about that.

Other weird things from this trimester:


What is sleep? Anymore I have been waking up every two hours to pee at night. I also find that I toss and turn, and toss and turn all night! Sleep is evading me, and despite my doctor saying Tylenol PM is OK to take before bed, I would rather not use medicine to make myself sleep better – just my personal preference.

Where are my feet?

As I mentioned earlier, my belly decided to pop around week 20 of this pregnancy. While I am not that big yet, I am definitely holding all of my weight in my tummy – which I am happy about; however, I am already finding it difficult to see my feet (HAHA)!


I am finally wearing maternity clothes 99% of the time. Shout-out to Target for having amazing jean shorts for women who are pregnant. These shorts, linked here, are AMAZING and only $22 – plus they have an amazing stretchy waist band that goes all the way up your tummy to under your chest.

Mood swings. 

I feel bad for my husband some days, ha ha, but then again he helped do this. My moods tend to go up and down depending on the day. I think a lot of it has to do with the quality of sleep I am getting.  I am, and have always been, an eight hour sleeper – so the waking up over, and over again is not the best for me. Usually during the evening I find I am just over the day and want to get a bath, read and be in bed by 7 P.M. So, occasionally, if my husband is in the way of that or just says something critiquing me, well, he should just learn not to do those things…


This part is probably TMI unless you are already a mom and just understand this, but weirdly my digestion has improved a ton in the second trimester! The first trimester was super rough, but it’s now like my body is back on track.

I kind of wonder if this is because I have resorted back to eating like I did pre-pregnancy (outside of grilled chicken). My stomach is pretty sensitive, so I think the junk food I was eating in the first trimester may have caused some issues.

Overall, I am super pumped to be halfway through my pregnancy and excited that our little man is well on his way to being here!

If you are expecting and not to the second trimester yet – well, just know that things will look up once you get there! Plus, you start to feel all of these movements in your belly region and it’s really cool.

To me the movements almost feel like I am growing an alien inside of me (in a good way). I mean, your baby is in there just rolling around and doing who knows what.

For us, we find it pretty funny, because he either takes after me and likes to be in constant motion, or he is like his dad and is pissed off constantly at something. Either way, our baby likes to MOVE.

I hope you all have a beautiful day!



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