the maternity tour

It’s another weekend, which means I am another week closer to giving birth – yikes.

I find that some days I have these feelings of, “Is it over yet?” followed by feelings of, “I am going to miss this.”

You see, I feel like pregnancy has been one of those double-edged-sword type of things. I love it, but yet despise it at the same time.

Throughout the course of my pregnancy, I have loved seeing my body change – being the sober one at events and eating without remorse for once in my life. However, on the flip side, I have struggled with feeling overwhelmed, sick at times and overcome with emotions.

For example, last night, after a long day at work, I looked in the mirror and felt like a whale. I was unhappy and sad – so I took myself to the bathtub and then went to bed, and wa-la today I am great.

Despite having a lot of moments where I feel out of control – previa, sickness, soreness – I know that I am going to give birth, look back on this time and miss the fun I have been having over the past few months.

For example, the other day I totally bought some confetti fudge and ENJOYED it. I would have never done that pre-pregnancy. Nooooo, pre-pregnancy Maddy would never eat fudge, but yet would love a bottle of wine. Oh how things change…


Today I wanted to tell you guys about our maternity tour that we took at 22 weeks, why we took it at 22 weeks and how it freaked my husband out a little.

So for starters, I highly recommend doing a maternity tour early. Why? Well because your doctor is probably going to keep bugging you about it and because they are only offered a few times a month (we found out).

Once we had our 18 week anatomy scan, I figured I would just go ahead and book our maternity tour so it was over and done with.

Maternity tours for the most part I believe are free, so it doesn’t hurt to schedule it and get it out of the way – and if you are really anxious, well, you can always go to more than one tour.

For our respective hospital, they only offered tours on Tuesday and Sunday night’s once a month.

Given that my husband travels for 38 weeks of the year, we figured during month 5 of our pregnancy was a good enough time as any to knock out the tour.

Our tour was a group tour with about 15 other couples all in various stages of their pregnancy journey. My husband was thrilled to share the tour with 30 strangers we had never met before.

Regardless, he didn’t have an option and had to attend.

During the tour, a volunteer talks to you about everything you need to know when coming to the hospital. The volunteer also will walk you around and show you the room in which you will deliver in (if you do not have to have a c-section) and the postpartum-recovery room(s).

Overall for tours, there isn’t a lot to know – other than some nitty, gritty information they like to tell you.

In our case, we were informed that all labor and delivery rooms have a jacuzzi tub in them in case you want to get a bath and have someone run water on you.

At this point in the tour, a boy (probably 10-years-old) said, “SCORE! A JACUZZI!” while looking at his parents.

We were also informed that they provide mesh undies for the mom, aka me – ew. I am NOT looking forward to that part of labor.

We were informed that Dad gets to cut the cord. Where at this point I thought my husband might throw up or pass out even at the thought of cutting the cord. I guess we are weird, because that sounds kind of gross to me too.

We were informed we could bring food and soft laxatives for mom – another yay for me.

In the grand scheme of things, the most astonishing thing we witnessed was a woman in our group with a physical notebook writing down every intricate detail of the tour. I give that woman major props for her level of dedication to being prepared for her labor and delivery. I believe she even got the wifi password.

At the end of the tour, I think our biggest takeaway was wow, we really are having a baby.

If the tests, doctors appointments, mood swings and body changes weren’t enough to prove it – well, seeing the hospital was.

We are excited to meet our little man and doing the maternity tour felt like another solid check mark for all the, “things,” everyone constantly tells you to prepare for.

For me, I just want to be prepared for my whole life to change because I still have days where I get in my car and scurry off to work and think, “Oh wow, in a few months I will never be able to go anywhere alone.”

Which is really a somewhat intimidating thought when you love being alone.

Although, they all say it’s worth it in the end, and I look forward to finding that out.


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