the third trimester begins!

Guys, I made it! Kind of? 

I am officially in the third trimester and am 28-weeks pregnant. From everything I read on The Bump, that basically means that baby F could survive now if I went into labor. Which you know, is only kind of freaking weird to think about.

I have a little person growing and gaining weight inside of me, and while I have known that to be true my entire pregnancy – it feels more real now than it ever has.

From what I have read, the third trimester is the start of the stinky part of pregnancy. The first trimester I was so tired and sick, the second trimester I was feeling good aside from my placenta previa and the third trimester, well, it may be too soon to tell.

Here is what I have noticed so far!

My energy is starting to get low again. 

I blame my low energy levels on a combination of heat, work and stress. It has been over 90 degrees in Charlotte everyday for the past week, and I have been busting my butt trying to get my life together and ready for baby F. So I think that a combination of everything has made me tired lately.

I am growing quickly!

At this point, I have gained about 27 pounds and my stomach is measuring 27cm! According to my doctor, gaining about 40 pounds during my pregnancy would be normal due to my starting weight and body fat percentage, so I expect to grow even more in the coming weeks and remaining three months!

I always have to pee. 

Sorry for TMI. However, I am having to run to the bathroom frequently these days. I am convinced that baby F is taking up most of my organs, as I haven’t noticed any gain anywhere aside from my stomach – woohoo!

My cravings are still real. 

While I have my diet basically back in check, I am still enjoying a sweet treat here and there. For me, my addiction is icecream with peanut butter sauce. I have been trying to make it at home as much as possible. While I know that ice cream isn’t great (I hate diary), it is just something I have really enjoyed lately.

How do I make it?

Well, I buy some vanilla ice cream and scoop it into a bowl. I then warm up about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter with one teaspoon of coconut oil. I mix the peanut butter and coconut oil and then pour it over my ice cream. YUM.

Sadly, I do plan to kick dairy after pregnancy – as it typically causes some inflammatory issues for me.

Wherever my abs were – they are gone. 

It’s amazing how nearly overnight I went from being able to sit up to rolling myself out to bed. Wherever my abs were before, well they are officially gone. I know after pregnancy it could be a long road for me in terms of getting my fitness back. I am super proud of where I am though, which brings me to another point!

I am so damn proud of myself.

I truly never realized how strong of a person I am until this pregnancy/stage of my life. I have overcome emotional hurdles and have found such an inner strength in myself that I never knew I had.

Do I have moments of weakness? Yes, absolutely. However, I know that I am human and that’s OK.

Sometimes I have to tell myself to take a time out. Stop looking at social media and comparing yourself to other people. Sometimes I just need my husband to call me out on it even though I hate when he does it.

For example the other day I got bent out of shape and let someone else spur an Instagram story rant about finding yourself.

He said, “Madison if you’ve found yourself then why do you even need to post a quote?”

While I never like to admit that he is right, because sometimes he thinks he is when he isn’t, he was in this instance.

Pregnancy has taught me that I need to make the best possible decisions for myself because I know longer live for myself, but for my son. It has taught me that I need to be confident, because I want my son to share that confidence. It has taught me to be tough – physically and emotionally – because I am forever setting an example (even if he isn’t here yet). 

Finally, pregnancy has taught me that the female body is a temple. 

I can change, grow and do unbelievable things, and I look forward to working on being better than I ever was before with each passing day.


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