how I am being active in pregnancy without over doing it

Man, I feel like I wasted two hours of my life the other day on the new Ted Bundy movie on Netflix.

I’m not sure if it’s my attention span or the fact that it just wasn’t that interesting, but I would not recommend taking the time to watch it. I feel like Netflix has been letting me down lately with their original content. Hopefully Netflix will start to come out with some better stuff soon.

I had high hopes for the movie given the nature of the beast – Ted Bundy. However, it felt like the movie never really had a clear story line. Literally, the whole time, I kept thinking what is the point of this? Other than the obvious, that Ted Bundy was a psychopath.

Whether I wasted two hours of my life on the movie or not – it did give me some good quality rest and relaxation time.

You see, at over halfway through my pregnancy, I am not starting to really see a decline in my energy levels. 

The days of me waking up ready to go at 4:30 AM are long over for now. I find that during the week I end up snoozing my alarm two to three times. I am no longer getting up in the morning, working out and crushing my day. Instead it seems I have a tendency to wake up a little later, get through my day and maybe (just maybe) I talk myself into getting a workout in.

Fridays have been a key day for me when it comes to snoozing my alarm. By the time Friday rolls around, I am so exhausted I just want to sleep until I have to go to work. However, for the most part, I have been able to motivate myself after work to workout for a little while. 

At this point, fortunately, my previa has cleared up – so I am officially no longer limited on what I should be doing within the doctor’s orders.

However, back when I had previa, I tried to let it not hold me down. So today, I figured I would share what some of my workouts have looked like from weeks 18-29 of my pregnancy!

Workout #1

12 rounds (not for time)

500M row

25 air squats


Workout #2 

6,000M row (not for time, but at a semi-challenging pace)


Workout #3 

12 rounds (not for time)

500M row

10 strict press with two 15# dbs


Workout #4 

12 rounds

500M row

25 slam balls (10#)


Workout #5 

10,000M row (not for time)


I know, I know, you are probably thinking wow, that is a lot of rowing. The thing is, you are correct. However, I row a lot because that is the only cardio machine I have at my house, it is gentle to do while pregnant and I enjoy it. Rowing is the one thing I can do and watch a TV show or something like that and not get too bored, so it is what I have been choosing to do!

The key here is that, for the most part, I am still focusing on intervals and changing movements pretty frequently. This helps me get my heart rate up and makes me sweat a little bit.

Pregnancy has been so humbling. 

When I think of the workouts I was doing back in November and even December (when I first found out I was pregnant) it makes me think about how much I didn’t appreciate myself and my body.

Now, as someone who is 30 weeks pregnant, it makes me really proud of myself and my body for what it is accomplishing. 

As difficult as it can be to get up and make myself move my bump, I know it’s really great for my health and it’s only going to help me get back to being strong after pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, I highly recommend getting out there and moving. Whether it be a walk a day or something more challenging, whatever your doctor recommends, do it! Movement is essential to our very being and I promise that you will probably feel better after you get to it!


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