As you grow, a baby shower story

Hello world! It’s been a hot minute, and for that, I deeply apologize.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I recently received a promotion, I have been chugging along in my pregnancy and I had a few busy weekends with travel! Things are starting to slow down now, kind of. I am officially 33-weeks pregnant, and I am ready for our baby to be here! Well, I am ready aside from all of the construction we have going on at our house.

When we found out we were expecting, we figured it was time to pull the trigger on our kitchen remodel – and man, is that a process. Now, seven months later our kitchen is almost done, aside from our kitchen cabinets being repainted.

Construction is such a process, and I really think contractors have it made. In another life, maybe I would have chosen construction as a career… but probably not.


Today I wanted to tell you about the baby shower that my two amazing friends hosted for me last weekend. 

You see, I don’t know how I won the lottery in terms of friendships. I pride myself on keeping a small circle, and man, do I have the best small circle in the world! While a lot of women can get caught up in dramatics and what others are up to – I have the best group of selfless, amazing, strong and beautiful friends.

My friends decided they wanted to host my baby shower, and I said sure! 


You see, they explained the importance of having one even though I can be quite the introvert. It’s not that I don’t like parties or having fun – I just often times feel uncomfortable, awkward and out of place at big group events.

I am SO fortunate to have friends who know me inside and out. They planned the most perfect shower for me and my personality. 

For starters, we had a smaller guest list of sub-20 people. 


Too many people can be overwhelming and let’s be honest no female really has more than 20-25 great friends. If you do, then good for you and maybe you are an exception to the female race; however, I find most of us truly love and connect with a smaller amount of girlfriends.

My friends did a theme of greens, blues and neutrals – it was so beautiful. 


You see, I am not a color person and I never have been. I love easy and uncomplicated colors – nothing that states HELLO in bold. I have always been someone who likes to be natural and I think that reflects in the way I dress, the way my house in decorated and more.

My friends did the most creative craft ever. 



They planned for each of the guests to plant a succulent to take home with them and watch grow. They walked us through the planting process, how to take care of our “babies,” and even made tags that we could use to label our plants. For me, this was so special because not only did I get to make a plant, but I got to see all of my close friends make one that will remind them of my little one!

I am and have never been a game person, unless it’s Cards Against Humanity.

For me skipping out on the games, is a big win. I know for some, they probably enjoy being able to be competitive and the thrill of being able to win prizes; however, I am happy that we didn’t have any of that at my shower.

My friends did a fajita bar for lunch. 



I love Mexican food so much. Literally, it is my favorite thing in the world and my husband and I make tacos at least once a week. We had chicken, rice, beans, salsa, fresh pico, cheese and chips. I ate my body weight in it all – NOM.

I have a huge sweet tooth and they didn’t deny it from it’s cravings.


For cake, they went with a fresh vanilla and strawberry base topped with a almond cake on the top from Desserts by Dawn. If you have never had one of Dawn’s cakes – you haven’t lived. Literally, the almond cake completes my life and reminds me of my wedding. Dawn made my wedding cake and it was just as amazing as the one I devoured at the shower.

For cookies, they got cookies from Suarez Bakery off of Park Road in Charlotte. The cookies were beautiful and had our last initial on them! They also reflected the theme of the shower, and were honestly almost too beautiful to eat.

For cupcakes, they had a variety of flavors from GiGi’s Bakery. These cupcakes are the most incredible thing ever. We had some leftovers and I was able to have one for breakfast the day after the shower – such a breakfast of champions.

Literally my shower was perfect.

From the crafts they created to decorate, to the mindfulness of my personality and emphasis on uniqueness – it was like nothing I could have ever imagined or even deserved in my opinion. 

I am beyond thankful for my friends! 

Oh, and P.S. – my dress was from Target (under $20) as well as my sandals. My earrings are from Francesca’s!

Here are some additional photos from the shower…








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