three weeks to go

Good Morning world!

Today I am feeling so grateful, aside from the fact that my dog Stella is covered in mud from digging a new hole in our back yard. Why am I grateful? Well, because I am another week closer to meeting my little person.

Before reaching the third trimester, I had heard so many stories from other moms about the third trimester being the worst. I have to say at first I didn’t get it, but as the weeks have gone by and I have grown, I realize why it gets uncomfortable.

At 37-weeks, I have noticed that it is super difficult to get out of bed because I can no longer sit up normally. Generally at night I have to do this awkward role-slide out of bed to use the bathroom – which is another downside of the third trimester. On average, I bet I use the bathroom six to seven times a night (which is a lot of up and down). I know they say you are more exhausted when baby comes, but I figure at least I can have shit tons of coffee when he’s here.

At 37-weeks, shaving is nearly impossible and I know it is only going to get worse as I continue to grow. 

You see with a big ole belly in the way, you can’t see your legs, feet or other areas – so you’re basically shaving blind. I would say I end up with a new cut pretty much every time I go to shave.

At this stage in the game, it’s hard to give hugs – which is actually one redeeming quality of pregnancy in my opinion (I am not a hugger). My husband finds it comical how far my belly sticks out in comparison to how the rest of my body looks.

Another redeeming quality of pregnancy at this stage in the game is how tired I am. I personally love being sleepy and having the urge to take naps. As someone who was never able to fall asleep easily before, it is downright awesome how sleepy I get these days.

On a normal day I come home from work, eat dinner, take a bath and am out cold by 8PM.

Yesterday I took a two hour nap midday and it was amazing.

The third trimester may be my favorite, because it is the final countdown until baby! 

I really love the third trimester because I can finally see major movement in my belly of baby F rolling around and kicking. It is the weirdest, but most-amazing feeling in the world when you reach that stage in your pregnancy when you can see your child moving about.

Probably the scariest part of the third trimester is knowing that your whole life is about to change very soon. 

My husband and I are so excited to meet our little one, but I find the impending thought of labor utterly terrifying. For example, randomly feeling pain/contractions or my water breaking sounds terrifying. I am currently praying that it doesn’t happen while I am at work, even though everyone I work with is amazing and would be like, “Yes! It’s BABY TIME! Let’s get you to the hospital!”

At 37-weeks, I constantly think about the possibility that I could go into labor tomorrow. However, my doctor and midwife have told me not to fear – that I likely will go full-term since this is my first child, I am healthy and my mom was five-days late with her first child.

At this point in my pregnancy, I take it day by day and just look forward to the moment I get to hold our little boy – even if it means a new way of life is ahead! 


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